Digital Marketing Overview

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Online marketing, Digital marketing, Internet marketing
  • Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing, why does it matter?
  • Importance and benefits of Digital Marketing

 Website Planning and Creation

  • Types of websites
  • Static vs Dynamic websites/ Websites vs Portals
  • Essentials of a website/Objectives
  • Planning a search engine friendly website
  • Booking a domain name and Hosting

 Google Search Console

  • What is Webmaster tool?
  • How to set it up?
  • How to use Google webmaster tools
  • What is Google Analytics Tool?
  • Monitoring website performance
  • How to check Backlink in Webmaster Tool

 Google Analytics

  • Google analytics introduction, setup and features
  • Google analytics account structure, insights
  • Setting up your website with analytics
  • Monitoring bounce rate, behavior and exit rate
  • Setting up goals and funnels, importance of funnels
  • Monitoring website performance, Behaviour
  • Monitoring traffic sources

 Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • What is SMO
  • How to help for Brand Awareness
  • Viral Marketing on Social Media Optimization
  • Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology
  • How to manage ORM by SMO
  • How social media marketing is different than others