How to Change Email Password on iPhone 14

Changing your email password on an iPhone 14 is a straightforward process that ensures the security of your personal information. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to update your email password directly from your iPhone’s settings. You’ll also find tips on why it’s crucial to change your password regularly and some common questions answered.

After completing the steps to change your email password on your iPhone 14, your device will immediately start using the new password for all future email transactions. This means that you will receive and be able to send emails without any interruption, as long as the new password is correct and your email account is in good standing.


In today’s digital age, keeping your personal information secure is more important than ever. One of the easiest ways to protect your email account is by regularly updating your password. If you’re using an iPhone 14, you’ll be pleased to know that changing your email password is a quick and easy task that you can do right from your device. Whether you’ve recently changed your email password on your email provider’s website, or you just want to update it directly from your phone, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

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Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Open Settings

Firstly, locate and open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 14. This app usually has a gear icon and is one of the main applications on your device.

Step 2: Scroll and Tap ‘Mail’

Scroll down through the list of options until you find “Mail” and tap on it. This will take you to the settings specifically related to your email accounts.

Step 3: Select ‘Accounts’

Once in the Mail settings, look for and select the “Accounts” option. This will show you a list of all the email accounts that are connected to your iPhone.

Step 4: Choose Your Email Account

Find and select the email account for which you want to change the password. Make sure you know which account you want to update if you have multiple emails connected.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Account’ Again

After selecting your email account, tap on the “Account” option again. This will take you to the settings for that specific email account.

Step 6: Update Your Password

Find the “Password” field, and enter your new password. Make sure to type it in accurately to avoid any issues.

Step 7: Save Changes

Finally, tap on “Done” or “Save” to apply the changes. Your iPhone will now use the new password for all future email transactions.

Why Change Your Email Password?

Changing your email password regularly is a best practice for online security. It helps protect your personal information from unauthorized access and keeps your digital life secure. If you’ve been notified of a potential security breach or just want to make sure your account is safe, updating your password is a great step to take.


  • Enhanced Security: Regularly changing your password helps to protect your email account from unauthorized access.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your personal information is secure provides a sense of relief.
  • Easy to Do: The process of changing your email password on an iPhone 14 is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes.


  • Potential for Confusion: If you change your password regularly, there’s a chance you might forget it, leading to potential account lockouts.
  • Time-Consuming: While the process is straightforward, it still takes time to update passwords, especially if you have multiple accounts.

Additional Information

Ensure that your new password is strong and unique. Avoid using easily guessable information like your name or birthdate, and instead opt for a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, make sure that your iPhone’s software is up to date, as this will provide you with the latest security features.

Summarized Process

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” app.
  2. Scroll down and select “Mail.”
  3. Choose “Accounts” from the options.
  4. Tap on the email account you want to update.
  5. Select “Account” to access the email settings.
  6. Enter your new password in the “Password” field.
  7. Save the changes by tapping “Done” or “Save.”


How often should I change my email password?

It’s generally recommended to update your email password every three to six months to maintain account security.

What should I do if I forget my new password?

If you forget your new password, you will need to go through the password recovery process on your email provider’s website.

Can I change the password for multiple email accounts at once?

No, you need to change the password for each email account individually.

Will changing my email password on my iPhone update it on other devices?

No, changing your email password on your iPhone will not automatically update it on other devices. You will need to manually update the password on each device.

Is it safe to save my email password on my iPhone?

Yes, iPhones have built-in security features to protect your saved passwords. However, you should always ensure that your phone’s software is up to date.


Securing your digital life is crucial, and regularly updating your email password is a simple yet effective way to protect your personal information. The iPhone 14 makes this process quick and easy, allowing you to update your password directly from the Settings app. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your email account remains secure, giving you peace of mind in the digital age.