How to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 14

Accidentally deleting videos on your iPhone 14 can be frustrating, but don’t panic just yet! There’s a good chance you can get them back. The process involves checking the ‘Recently Deleted’ album, restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup, or using a third-party tool. It’s crucial to act fast as there’s a 30-day window before deleted files are permanently removed from the ‘Recently Deleted’ album. Ensure you have a recent backup available if you choose to restore your device, and consider using reliable recovery software if other methods fail.

Once you complete the recovery process, you should be able to access and view your recovered videos in your iPhone’s Photos app. Make sure to double-check all folders and albums to ensure they have been restored properly. If you restored from a backup, other data such as apps, contacts, and messages should also be back to their previous state.


Losing precious memories captured in videos can be heartbreaking, especially when they’re accidentally deleted. However, the iPhone 14, like its predecessors, offers various options to recover lost data. The key to success lies in acting swiftly and following the right steps meticulously. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you have all the information you need to retrieve your lost videos.

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The Recovery Process

Step 1: Check the ‘Recently Deleted’ Album
First, navigate to the ‘Photos’ app and look for the ‘Albums’ tab. Scroll down to find the ‘Recently Deleted’ album. This is where your deleted videos reside for 30 days before permanent deletion. Browse through the items to find your lost videos, select them, and tap ‘Recover.’

Step 2: Restore from iCloud Backup
If the videos aren’t in the ‘Recently Deleted’ album, consider restoring from an iCloud backup. Ensure you have a recent backup that contains the deleted videos. Go to ‘Settings,’ tap on your name, select ‘iCloud,’ then ‘Manage Storage,’ and finally ‘Backups.’ Choose your device to view the details of your backups and select the most relevant one.

Step 3: Restore from iTunes Backup
Alternatively, if you’ve backed up your iPhone to a computer using iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina and later), connect your iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes (or Finder), select your device, and choose ‘Restore Backup.’ Pick the most relevant backup and proceed.

Step 4: Use a Third-Party Recovery Tool
If the above steps don’t work, there are numerous third-party tools available that specialize in data recovery. Download and install a reputable recovery tool on your computer, connect your iPhone, and follow the software’s instructions to scan and recover your deleted videos.

Why Recover Deleted Videos?

Recovering deleted videos allows you to reclaim precious memories and important moments captured on your iPhone 14. Whether it’s a family gathering, a vacation, or a spontaneous moment, videos hold sentimental value and losing them can be distressing. Additionally, you might have accidentally deleted work-related or important videos, making recovery crucial.


  • Efficient: The recovery process is straightforward and doesn’t take much time, especially if you act quickly.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilizing iCloud and iTunes for recovery is free, and even some third-party tools offer free versions or trials.
  • Comprehensive: There are multiple recovery options available, enhancing the chances of retrieving your lost videos.


  • Time-Sensitive: The success of recovery, especially from the ‘Recently Deleted’ album, is highly dependent on time.
  • Potential Data Loss: Restoring from a backup might result in the loss of recent data if the backup is not up-to-date.
  • Limited by Backup: If you haven’t backed up your videos, or the backup doesn’t contain the videos you need, recovery might not be possible.

Additional Information

It’s important to regularly back up your iPhone to iCloud or your computer to safeguard your data. Ensure that your iCloud backup is enabled and check the date of your last backup to make sure it’s recent. When using third-party recovery tools, choose reputable software and avoid downloading from untrusted sources to protect your device from malware.

Summarized Recovery Steps

  1. Search in the ‘Recently Deleted’ album in the ‘Photos’ app.
  2. If not found, restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup.
  3. Alternatively, use an iTunes backup for restoration.
  4. If the above steps fail, try a third-party recovery tool.


Q1: Is it possible to recover deleted videos without a backup? A1: Yes, if the videos were recently deleted, they might still be in the ‘Recently Deleted’ album, where they remain for 30 days before permanent deletion.

Q2: Are third-party recovery tools safe to use? A2: Many are safe, but it’s crucial to download software from reputable sources and read user reviews to ensure its reliability and safety.

Q3: Will I lose any data if I restore my iPhone from a backup? A3: Restoring from a backup will replace the current data on your iPhone with the data from the backup. Any data added after the date of the backup will be lost.

Q4: How can I prevent future loss of videos? A4: Regularly back up your iPhone to iCloud or your computer, and consider using an app that automatically saves your photos and videos to a cloud service.

Q5: How do I know if my iCloud backup includes the deleted videos? A5: You can’t view the contents of an iCloud backup until you restore it. However, you can check the date of your last backup in ‘Settings’ to ensure it was before the date the videos were deleted.


Recovering deleted videos on iPhone 14 might seem daunting, but with the right steps, it’s a breeze. Whether you’re retrieving precious memories or crucial work-related content, the process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Just remember, time is of the essence, and having a recent backup can make all the difference.